About Us

HITECH CNC Machinery CO., LTD. was founded in 1989 through the joint venture between Thai and Singaporean. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, we focus our business in tooling, machinery sales, engineering, design and support services for plastic processing and web converting industries.

We choose to work with world leading technology companies and strike to provide excellence pre-sale consultation and post sale services and supports to our customers. Our mission is to become a major technology supplier for tooling, plastic processing, web converting and printing industries in Thailand.

We represent many machinery manufacturers from Europe and USA who are the industry’s leader in the world. The product range includes plastic extrusion thermoforming, thickness gauging, laminating, flexopress, video web inspection & fault detection, corona treater, temperature control, water chilling, tooling, material processing and handling system. We are also able to custom design and build machines based on customer’s specification. We have over 25 years of experience in plastic sheet processing and manufacturing in our company. We are capable of large-scale complex projects, which include turnkey installation and commission of the system by our team of well-trained technical staffs. Our engineering and design teams are able to provide custom design and actual fabrication in our facility. We can retrofit, convert or upgrade existing machinery to modern standard. Together with the complementary range of products that we represent, we can meet customer’s project requirement and expectation of all forms and sizes.